St Peter near Plodine

Style period:

Century: 6 A.D.

The church of St Peter is one in the series of churches in the city of Krk falling into oblivion. Only the toponym remained, along with a few vague oral information by the elder people on Krk, which are usually contradictory when it comes to the location of the church. It was situated on the margins of the city of Krk, near the road leading to Vrh.
The church was mentioned for the first time in a document dated in 1338, so we know that the church existed at that time, but we cannot be sure about the time of its construction. The last trace of its existence is kept in the excerpt from the land registry in 1821, where there is a church charted along the road leading from Krk to Vrh.
Archaeological research in this area found a wall built of half-dressed stone, properly oriented in the direction south-north, and after two metres, it turns towards the east. Beneath the wall on its eastern side, there is a walled grave with four deceased. On the outer side of the wall, there is another grave with two deceased buried in a plain grave. Although at first it seemed like the remains of the church of St Peter, it was concluded that this was an older object.
One of the theories identifies these walls as remains of the front part of an older church. The appearance of graves indicates the existence of a narthex, a church inner vestibule, where burying was not unusual. The style of building suggests that it was built in late antiquity.
The walls that had been found were transferred from its original position on the meadow along the road to be presented.


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