Inscription with mention of church Holly Ghost

Style period: gothic

Century: 14 A.D.

Fragments of decorative architectural plastics were fitted as a spolium (built-in remains of an earlier structure) on the back of the Krk cathedral sacristy. The fragments, made by one of the wondering Adriatic master carvers, were originally placed on the Holy Ghost chapel. Considering the stylistic characteristics, they are thought to originate from the late medieval period or perhaps early Renaissance.
The church of the Holy Ghost was not preserved, but we know for a fact that it was located at the site of today’s Krk cathedral sacristy. A Leonardo had a small chapel built in 1333, as a burial place for himself and his wife Bogdana. The inscription can still be seen built in the back wall of the cathedral, north of the apse.
Only the fragment of the decorative architectural plastics was preserved (inscription) of the mentioned chapels. Although we mention it as a spolium built-in the cathedral sacristy, the interesting thing is that it is still found on the place of the former chapel of the Holy Ghost.


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