Bell Tower

Style period: renaissance

Century: 16 A.D.

The bell tower of the Krk cathedral is situated at the northern front of St Kvirin. The place of its construction was determined by the Venetian provveditore Vinciguerra in 1489, and the construction finished in 1515. In 1714, a lightning struck the tower, causing the damage and fall of the main stone pyramid. In the 1960s, there was a thorough restoration of the tower according to the designs of the Venetian architect Pietro Checchi. That is when the wooden angel coated with copper metal sheets, made in Venice, was placed on the tower. Although the tower was made subsequently, it represents a recognizable part of the Krk cathedral complex and the city view. Throughout its history, it was restored several times. Since 1973, there is a plastic angel on top of the tower, made according to the cast of the worn-out old angel.


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