Cristoforo Tasca’s paintings in the Krk Cathedral

Style period: baroque

Century: 18 A.D.

The sanctuary of the Krk Cathedral is adorned by four paintings made by the Venetian master Cristoforo Tasca. They treat the scenes from the New Testament and key scenes from the life of Christ. Tasca is certainly not the best master of the Venetian Baroque, but the works he made in Krk fill the sanctuary with harmonious aesthetics with their dimensions (190x300) and formal intonation. The painter painted the scenes of manna gathering, multiplying bread, Abraham’s sacrifice and the last supper very faithfully. All scenes refer to the key events in Christ’s life and clearly indicate his miraculous quality, relating these events to the Eucharist celebration.
These paintings are another proof of the pronounced influence of Venetian painting on artistic trends on the east Adriatic coast. Also, we rarely talk about local masters, more often those were artists who came from the Laguna to paint in the area or those who lived in Venice but their works were imported.


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